Form your crew

The CREWFACE app is for people to join and find their crew, advertise for crew members or connect crew-2-crew.

Your crew can be people you live with, people you party with or just people you want to bubble up and be safe with.

You can toggle between our open, public network and closed networks of your friends and contacts…

It's simple and life changing

We all need a sense of belonging, a family, a gang or group of friends, a tribe or a crew. In a resource-hungry world cooperation is vital and efficient resource-use means more people can live the kind of life we would all hope for. So, with our app, finding a crew that you can share with is a progressive act. 

And a million of them will be the revolution our struggling planet requires.

House Crew

Connect with people looking for a household crew, crews looking for members  or even create a new crew and invite others.

Work Crew

Connect with people and crews to work on projects, combining skills and knowledge to create and build stuff.


Party Crew

Connect with like-minded individuals and form a special-interest crew to share your passions, whether online or in the flesh.

NEW: Covid Crew

Connect with people to build your covid-safe bubble as we try and slow down the infection spreading through our communities.


Navigating your way through the Crewface app should be a breeze. You always have full control over your information, privacy and open circles. You can also link your Crewface profile to most of the social media apps out there and really turbo boost your Crew Connections.

Toggle private/public

For every Crewface Snippet - every piece of information, search and crew connection you make - you can easily see the Privacy status and toggle between Private and Public.

Works local and global

An essential part of Crewfacing is all about physical proximity and the Crewface app has geolocation and movements at the heart of its algorithms.

Integrate other services

Most social media accounts can be connected and we support Google apps. We also have a covid-tracker integration so that your Crews are always the first to know about any proximate infection.

Crews created
Spaces available
Million Cups of Coffee saved


A selection of screenshots of the app can be seen below.

What you are saying

We love hearing from our users. Here is a selection of reviews just in!

I wasn't really happy with my life before I got onto Crewface and found the perfect household to move into.
Denzel Dashford
Creative Millennial
I really struggled with getting projects off the ground orI just ran out of energy half way through. The Crewface app sorted that out!
Penny Pinstripe
Remote Worker
I use this app to schedule the social events for me and my children. We keep to the same bubble of friends, safe from viral infection.
Rachel Rivers
Uninfected Mother

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